Thursday, December 9, 2010

Matty Burrows: the unknown football Legend!

Have you seen this goal? The goal that made semi-professional footballer toiling in obscurity in one of Britain’s most lacklustre leagues (i.e. Northern Ireland). You haven’t? Alright let me set the scene for you: In game Glentoran and Portadown (no disrespect, but these two backwaters probably weren’t even on the map before this) Burrows receives a well placed cross from a team mate on the edge of the penalty box and proceeds to convert it into one of the greatest goals ever scored, by rising to meet the ball and kicking with it with the heel of his boot. Thus, resulting in a mind blowing behind-the-back volley that went in despite the efforts of a hapless goal-keeper. Frankly, this description can’t begin to describe it. It’s that brilliant!

This goal was brought to the attention of the Sep Blatter and his corrupt cronies (don’t get me started, on Russia hosting the 2018 World Cup) in Geneva, and FIFA promptly added the goal to their highlight reel of the 10 best goals of 2010. The list of nominees includes some of Footballs greatest virtuosi ( Messi, Snyder, etc.) and someone like Burrows will no doubt be flattered just to be mentioned in the same breath. But Matty shouldn’t be too modest. His goal is one of the finest technically you’re likely to see anywhere. However, it’s difficult to compare it with for example Snyder’s goal in Holland’s awesome defeat of Brazil in the World Cup semi final. Let’s face it, when it comes to the importance of a goal, so much depends on what was at stake when it was scored.

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