Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ignatieff Holds Town Hall in Outremont

Liberal leader Michael Igantieff was in town last night to open his series of Town Hall meetings across the country.

Despite the notable absence of such provincial lieutenants as Marc Garneau and Justin Trudeau, a hundred mostly Liberal sympathizers turned out for the event.
Questions ranged from highly critical to supportive and touched on a number of topic including the recent Gun registry controversy, that Liberal strategists are attempting to exploit as a wedge issue in the riding of Outremont, in their attempts to win it back from NDP Deputy leader and spokesman in Quebec Thomas Mulcair.

On the matter of the recent Maclean’s article about Quebec corruption, Ignatieff described it as “Quebec bashing” and suggested that only Quebeckers have the right to engage in such criticism.

Other surprises included the leader’s claim to have spent 5 years working with convicted criminals when he was a graduate student and his assertion that this has resulted in him in developing an “utterly unsentimental” attitude towards people in prison.

Ignatieff had rather strong words for the Bloc Quebecois, whose quest for Sovereignty, he described as a “form of Tyranny.” Although he regards the party as legitimate.

Undoubtedly the most amusing moment of the night was when one Concordia Student stood up and performed a tune on his mandolin which was a parody of 1234 by Feist that contained humorous lyrics about the Liberal’s infamous sponsorship scandal. Ignatieff seemed frazzled by the song and made childish joke about the fellow’s appearance.

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