Saturday, May 22, 2010

Pots Calling Kettles Black

Grits lie. They lie for any number of reasons. But mostly they lie when they are guilty of having committed the very same sins they claim to be without.

I am alluding to something that many of you, especially those in the federal riding of Outremont, may or may not of heard yet: the slanderous campaign of misinformation and half-truths being waged by the Young Liberals of Canada (YLC) that MP Thomas Mulcair is currently being subjected to.

For those who have missed out on this fucking farce, allow me to edify you with a little lesson in propaganda. Basically, after Liberal pollsters & spin doctors read the data they advised their Leader, a man not known for his dovish tendencies (e.g. supports the war in Afghanistan), to do an about face and call for keeping the status quo on the Gun registry. Only after 8 members of his own Caucus supported gun ho Harper and his gang of shoot-'em-all-and-let-God-Sort-'em-out Tories in their crusade to pass c-391 in Ottawa.

Why the sudden change of heart, you ask??? Simple: The Libs know a wedge issue when they see one. And this may give them a little bit of credibility with the voters who are on the left of the political spectrum in the next election. The same folks who would normally vote for the New Democrats and who, rightly, regard Iggy as more neo-conservative than neo-liberal on most issues.

Now, I grant you Jack had misled his party on this point. We should never be on the right of Iggy, irrespective of the policy being debated. And saying that it's a matter of conscience for each Dipper MP to decide how to vote, is ,frankly, something of a cop out.

That said, Mulcair (whose riding contains Ecole Polytechnique, the scene of the horrific massacre that led to the gun registry being established) has come out strongly in favour of gun control and this law in particular, from the start! A man whose son is a police officer in Quebec, doesn't need any lessons in crime prevention from either the Tories or the Grits! All he can do is try to make his fellow dippers see reason on this point, because it's not his decision to whip the vote or not. To claim that he somehow support the gun nuts in this madness, is an outright lie, and is the worst kind of cheap, unthinking republican style politics. In other words, the Grits have borrowed a play from their arch-enemy's play book on political black-ops.

The Future is Unwritten

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